Deltazia offers various models of consulting co-operation with organizations to help them increase their competencies in Software Configuration Management.

Outsourced Configuration Management

The entire configuration management practices of the customer will be outsourced to our organization. We will define the process, set up the tool, train the users, conduct builds and releases and perform the audits ourselves. This model involves placing a Deltazia resource full-time at the customer site.

'One-off' consulting as requested by the customer

This approach is more of a "one-time" consulting assignment that is specifically requested by the customer. It may include any aspect of the Configuration Management lifecycle, e.g., Process Definition, System optimization, Architecture definition, etc.

Long term consulting assignments with a customer

The "long-term" consulting model focuses on working with a customer organization for an extended period. This approach will ensure that effectiveness of the customer organization's Configuration Management is maintained at a high level over a period of time and a certain level of competence in built into the organization at the point of our exit. We will also provide, as part of our relationship, expertise in areas such as:

  • Root Cause Analyses of Configuration Management problems and solutions
  • Scripting
  • Multi-site architecture definitions and set up
  • Interface definitions and implementations
  • Life Cycle Management of the Software Configuration Management tool